4 Ways to Organize Your Running Gear

4 Ways to Organize Your Running Gear

How Should I Organize My Running Gear?

Pinterest has a few ideas; a garage closet, a shoe shelf, a gear wall, an indoor closet for ALL things running


When running becomes such a big part of your life…you may find that the gear necessary for the activity can become abundant and take over your home. How do you organize this gear to make it not only look nice but also be more functional and easy to find?


The following are a few ideas found from Pinterest:

1. A Garage Closet Setup

Organize your workout gear with an outdoor closet | garage storage and organization

Find a corner of the garage where you can set up storage for sneakers, vests/backpacks, winter and rain jackets, helmets, and more.


2. Purchase a Small Shoe Shelf

Waaaay better than shoving it in a drawer

Use a short shoe shelf to store all things running so that you only have to go to one place to find all your running essentials.


3. Create a Gear Wall

Yes! i will have a gear room with all the stuff I need for camping, climbing, surfing, skiing, boarding, swimming, running, cycling, wind surfing, backpacking, & kayaking

Use a wall in the garage for all your adventure gear; backpacks, shoes, sleeping bags, and more! With a dedicated space you don’t have to worry about losing any of those important adventure items.


4. Dedicate a Closet to ALL Things Running

Workout closet

Use a closet in the house for all items running related…everything from clothes, to shoes, to nutrition, and drinks.


Need help with more than just organizing your running gear? Talk to a running coach today!

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