RRCA Certified Personal Running Coach


What can I expect from personal training?


  • An RRCA Certified coach that is not only a runner herself, but enjoys studying everything she can about it!
  • A week by week training plan that helps you achieve your goals.
  • In person training, runs, analysis, and feedback.
  • Motivation via email, texts, and in person.
  • Assistance in stretching, foam rolling, and injury prevention.
  • Unique & customized training plans and workouts for YOU.
  • Racing strategies, techniques, & nutrition.
  • A coach that has run everything from a 400m race to a marathon to obstacle races.
  • Plus more!



Is a running coach right for me?

Do you:

  • Love running and want to get better?
  • Hate running, but really want to learn to love it?
  • Feel like you’ve peaked and don’t know how to reach a new PR?
  • Want to get outside more and enjoy the trails and roads in Utah?
  • Like to run but need a motivator?
  • Need to be held accountable for your workouts?
  • Need suggestions on new and different workouts?
  • Walk often, but want to be able to run a race?
  • Want to train for a new race or distance?



How much does it cost to have a running coach?



$40/ hour


Group Training:

$30/hour – per person, up to 2 people

$25/hour – per person, up to 4 people


Custom Training Plan:

Do you live out of state? Or maybe you don’t necessarily need the one-on-one time with a personal coach, but you still want a customized training plan? Check out A Better Run for fully customized training plans.


If you want just a one-time chat to pick my brain, or you have training schedule figured out but you want me to look over it? Feel free to sign up for a consultation.




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