5 Ways to Boost Post-Workout Recovery

5 Ways to Boost Post-Workout Recovery

How do you boost your post-workout recovery?

Cool Down, Hydration (remember hydration = water plus sodium and potassium), Compression, Stretch and Fuel.


Do you ever feel like your workout has just completely drained you and you aren’t sure how you’ll be able to get up and do a new one tomorrow? Try boosting your post-workout recovery with these # suggestions:

  • Cool Down: It’s really easy to skip the post-workout cool down to save time, energy, or because you simply don’t want to. But the cool down helps slow the muscles, bring your core temperature back down, and relax your heart rate. All of which helps relax the muscles rather than tighten them into knots which can cause pain and even injury.
  • Hydrate: Pre-workout hydration is important, but so is post-workout hydration. Just think about all that water and sodium you lost sweating it out in a hard workout. I highly suggest adding a special hydration tab to your water that includes sodium and potassium in it to give you a more complete hydration. Or, to eat a snack like a banana and pretzels with your water.
  • Compression: Have you ever worn calf compression socks? They are fantastic for increasing circulation which allows those sore and broken down muscles to receive the blood and oxygen they need to recover quickly.
  • Stretch: Don’t forget to roll out and stretch those muscles after a hearty workout. A good stretch and roll can help remove knots and avoid pulling a muscle in future workouts.
  • Fuel: Make sure to refuel your body with the protein and carbohydrates it needs to repair and restore muscles.


What works best for you? Have a suggestion that’s not on our list? Comment below so we can add it.