As If Saturdays Weren’t Already Amazing…

As If Saturdays Weren’t Already Amazing…

Who doesn’t love a Saturday? A day off from work, school, and generally speaking, a schedule. It’s a day to get stuff done you can’t do during the week, or take off and play!


Long Runs

As if Saturday’s weren’t already my favorite day of the week, these last few months have made them even better. With the registration of my first ever marathon I’ve begun some much longer runs on the weekends….and which day did I choose to implement these? None other than the sought after Saturday.

These runs have ranged from a casual half marathon, to an 18 miler. I have thoroughly enjoyed adding miles to those longer runs and learning just how far my legs can take me.

White Nike GPS Watch 18 miles

The one trouble I have discovered is how to fuel. I have a pretty sensitive stomach when it comes to running and don’t like to eat too close to a run; which in turn has made it difficult also to eat while I am running. I have tried Powerade gels, Gatorade GU, and even HUMA which is supposed to be easier for people with sensitive stomachs. I threw up shortly after consuming the first two and almost did with the third.

I’m considering switching to liquid fuel now; something like Gatorade or NUUN. Anyone else have this issue with longer runs? What have you found works for you?



In addition to these longer Saturday runs, I decided to be a basketball coach. I coach a Provo Recreational team called the Junior Jazz; it is girls in 7th and 8th grade.

coaching junior jazz basketball

This was a fantastic decision; I had forgotten just how much I love the game of basketball and how fun it is to teach other people how to play. My girls are amazing and always so smiley. We have games every Saturday and practice every Tuesday, and sometimes their energized personalities are just what I need on a Tuesday afternoon after a long day of work.

Have you ever decided on a whim and signed up to do something you always told yourself you would do? How did it turn out for you?

p.s. if you haven’t….I highly suggest trying it, it’s usually pretty rewarding.