Brands I Love



Oiselle is clothing made for runners BY runners…which means they understand everything that bugs runners, everything that runners need, what feels good, looks right, EVERYTHING! I have seriously never been disappointed with something I purchased from them. PLUS! If it’s your first time purchasing from them, get $20 off with this link.




LuluLemon is expensive! But I’ve learned that it’s the service and quality you pay for. The clothing is exceptional and the service is even better. I highly suggest going into a store for your first time, they will help you find everything you need and get you situated with a fitting room. Have an issue with something? Bring it back to them, they’ll make it right.




As most of you know, I run with my dog! And Ruffwear is THE BEST when it comes to dog products; I’ve gotten everything from a hydration pack, to boots, to a cooling vest for my dog, all of which hold up great and don’t hurt or bug my dog.



Road Runner

I use this company PURELY for the running tights! The Road Runner brand (R Gear) in tights have everything on my checklist; they are long enough! (I have a 36 inch inseam), they have a drawstring to help keep them up during runs, and they have zippers at the ankles to help get them on and off.