obstacle race

You got an obstacle race as your next race!

  • There are several options for obstacle races, to name a few:
    • Tough Mudder
    • Spartan
    • Mud Run
    • The Great Inflatable Race
  • Obstacle races involve not only running but several other types of obstacles. Some courses may include:
    • jumping over walls
    • climbing ropes
    • shooting arrows
    • carrying your partner
    • swimming under and over items
    • rope swinging
    • and many more!
  • It is important to train for an obstacle race to avoid injuries.
  • Obstacle races provide people who get bored running a great opportunity to stay excited the entire time.
  • Obstacle races can be a fun way to end a racing season.

get a coach to help you train for your obstacle race!

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A coach can help you:

  • Train for the race; both running and cross training.
  • Pack for the race (know what to bring).
  • Figure out nutrition options.
  • Pick out the race and understand the course.
  • and more!
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