What’s Essential? Running Clothes Style

What’s Essential? Running Clothes Style

There are so many perks added to running clothes these days; secret pockets, reflective stickers, headphone holes, and more. But what’s really important to you? and which “perks” do you not care about as much?

For me, the perks vary, I’ve found that some of these are absolutely essential to the fit, feel, and comfort when working out or running.


Lets Talk Running Tights


  • Length
    • I’m tall, 5’11” to be exact, and I don’t like it when my ankles get left out in the cold. The company has got to make running tights long enough for me to consider forking out the money it costs to purchase them.
  • Drawstring
    • I’ve noticed with running tights that they may be incredibly tight from hip to ankle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to slide off your hips as you’re running. The best way to combat this is the amazingly wonderful drawstring! I use the drawstring to secure my pants above my hipbones so that they don’t move the whole run.
  • Zippered Ankles
    • This one is a feature I will SOMETIMES negate as a necessity, but man are the tights easier to get on and off when they have them. For someone with a 36 inch inseam…a zipper at the ankle that makes them easier to pull on and off is appreciated.


Next Up, Long Sleeves


  • Long Sleeves
    • I think this one is pretty obvious…a long sleeve should in fact have LONG SLEEVES. I think all of us enjoy a long sleeve that covers our wrist and that can be easily bunched up if it should get too warm.
  • A long Body
    • If the body of a shirt is not long enough it rides up throughout the entire run…and sometimes we don’t want to show off that little chub of tummy that bounces when we jog.
  • Soft Fabric
    • I especially love that buttery soft fabric feel in a long sleeve. This didn’t used to be an essential for me, but I have discovered after acquiring a few long sleeves that are soft and comfortable they end up being the ONLY ones I wear.


How About a Jacket


  • Waterproof
    • I want to be able to run in the snow and rain and not be sopping wet when I’m finished. Also, it’s nice to know that if I have my phone on me when it starts raining my jacket will deflect the rain enough to save my phone.
  • Adjustable Hem
    • A lot of jackets have an adjustable bungee at the bottom that allows me to pull it tight and keep everything underneath from getting wet.
  • Long Sleeves
    • It must have long enough sleeves to keep all of me dry.


Shorts or Spanx, both are great


  • Length/Underoos
    • The length on spanx must be just long enough to not ride up during the entire run. As far as other shorts go..they’ve got to have a good pair of built in underwear, that way I feel all covered up down there no matter how short or billowy the shorts get.
  • Zippered Pocket
    • I like at least one small zippered pocket I can keep a car key or a home key in.


Short Sleeves & Tank Tops….nah I just like tank tops

I prefer tank tops in the summer, the least amount of clothing possible when running in the heat! Also…you avoid the crazy farmer’s tan lines. Also…I don’t really have any stipulations on my tank tops other than fitting properly…huh, who would have thought, I’m not picky about something.


A Few Brands That Do It Well



Who are your favorite brands? Tell me about them in the comments below!