We Run Halloween

We Run Halloween

This year’s Halloween run was a bit different from past runs; not because I dressed up, not because I had friends running the same race, and not because it was a race I’d never done before. While all of the above are true, they are not what made this year’s Halloween race unique.


For the Halloween 5k this week I did not bullet out at the finish line, dodging strollers and falling costume pieces. I did not sprint to the finish line, and I did not run my typical 8 minute pace or less. This time, I ran with a friend. 


And I had a BLAST! I learned this weekend that sometimes races aren’t always about winning, or getting your PR, or beating the person in front of you. Sometimes, running is about the community, new friendships, and helping others meet their goals. I had a blast working with my dear friend and getting her across that finish line with a time she’s been working towards for months. I am so glad I got the opportunity to do so and look forward to future opportunities to do it again!


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