The Ultimate Race Day Checklist

The Ultimate Race Day Checklist

Races are both an exciting and jitter-inducing event. They can oftentimes cause what I like to call “brain farts” and leave you hanging on your 26.2 miles without headphones or a hydration pack (face palm). So I’ve created a race day checklist that provides you with all the items to consider before taking off for your race. Want a designed and beautiful printable version to stick to the fridge? Click here!

Night Before:

  • Pull out your outfit and put it in the bathroom for quick changing:
    • running top
    • running bottoms
    • hat/visor
    • sunglasses
    • GPS watch
    • socks & shoes
    • hairbands
    • sport’s bra
  • Pack your hydration bag:
    • fill up bottles/bladders and put them in the fridge overnight
    • gels/snacks
    • water additives
    • toilet paper
  • Pack your “dump bag” with any items you might need at the start of the race:
    • sunscreen
    • water bottle
    • extra snack (a banana is a good one)
    • gum
    • ipod
    • phone
    • cash
    • ID
    • extra safety pins
    • anti-chaffing cream
    • chapstick
    • jacket/pullover
    • Race confirmation print off
  • Pin your racing bib to your outfit (or add it to the “dump bag”)
  • Pack your “car bag” for recuperating after the race:
    • handheld roller like The Stick or Tiger Tail
    • compression socks
    • water bottle
    • nuun
    • easy on the stomach snacks
    • flip flops/sandals
    • a change of clothes if it’s an extra hot or extra cold race
    • baby wipes
    • deodorant


Morning Of:

  • Change into racing outfit – make sure bib is attached or in your “dump bag” with safety pins.
  • Wake up early enough to eat something and drink a full glass of water.


Right Before You Leave:

  • Make sure you have directions to the drop off or parking area.
  • Double check your dump bag and car bag and add any missing items.
  • Pee!


the ultimate race day checklist


Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments below so we can add it to our Ultimate Race Day Checklist!