The Marathon Countdown….1 Week!

The Marathon Countdown….1 Week!


I believe it’s what they call crunch time. We’re down to only 1 week until the big marathon day! I have to admit that training has been a bit more difficult than I anticipated, and I am definitely ready to run the race and be done.

I ran my last long run last weekend, 23 miles, and I learned something important. Glucose is important!

I hadn’t eaten anything that morning, took off on this run, and found myself in crucial pain at mile 19. My entire body turned into  a big bruise; I touched my ribs, oww, my back, oww, and my legs? hah! Don’t even ask. I had no idea what was going on; just a few weeks previous I had run 20 miles and done just fine.

At the end of the run I was so dissappointed in myself before I read up on what had happened and realized my mistake. Needless to say I’ll be carrying dried mangos and jelly beans on me for the marathon next weekend.

Has anyone else had this issue before? What kinds of things do you like to bring as fuel on longer runs?




Furthest Mileage as of 3/28 Furthest Mileage by the end of 4/18
23 miles



Here we go!