8 Silly Things Runners Do on Race Day

8 Silly Things Runners Do on Race Day


We have all seen the crazy outfits, the taped nipples, and so much more from runners on race day. What are some of the silly things you’ve seen runners do for their big race? The following are a few I’ve come into contact with (or that I do myself….don’t judge me).


Dress in Tutus

You’re probably like…yeah yeah we see women do this all the time, it’s almost commonplace now. But it’s not just women anymore! The men are sliding into frilly pink, purple, and green tutus for race day now too.


Nipple Taping

I mentioned this in the intro, but I figured for some it might need a bit more of an explanation. Chafing in the nipple region can occur for a number of runners. Many runners (mostly male, though I may be mistaken on this) have discovered that taping, or placing band aids over their nipples when they run can keep them from chafing so bad they bleed.



Funny enough, this is actually one I forget to do a lot :/ oops! But I’m not just talking women and their legs; men have been known to shave their legs for race day too! I knew this was a thing for swimmers, but now the runners too? What is happening!?


Temporary Tattoos

I think these got big when companies were creating tattoos for runners to wear as a brand endorsement during their races. Now, runners slap on temporary tattoos as like a warrior statement; they get put on faces, arms, legs, the back of the shoulder, you name it! I’m not gonna lie….I’m one of these runners. I enjoy pulling out the temporary tattoos because a) it’s a great excuse to be a kid again and wear temporary tattoos, and b) my cross country team used to do it in high school and so it’s a bit nostalgic for me.


Paint Nails

Runners are known for picking out their racing outfit the night before, or even days before a race. Just check out the hashtag #flatrunner and you’ll see what I mean. But some racers take it so far as to paint their nails in a corresponding color, or use the logo or name of the race they are doing. It gets pretty intense!


Chew Gum

I did this all the way through college! I had to have a piece of gum in my mouth for the start of the race (I preferred the minty flavors). Funny enough, it only lasted about a mile before my mouth warmed up enough that my spit was able to break down the gum and it disintegrated in my mouth…but! It was worth it to me. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way…I think that is one of the reasons products like Quench Gum exist.


Wear the Same Socks/Hair Tie/Shorts, etc.

One of my teammates in high school had these ladybug socks that she wore to every race…they were her racing socks! I’ve seen that more and more now since then as well; it could be a hair tie, a pair of shorts, sometimes even an entire outfit that runners wear to every single race.


Run to Music

I don’t simply mean all the runners that have earbuds in their ears…but rather, the die hards that MAKE SURE their favorite song is cued to up for them to run to at the start of every race.


What silly things have you seen runners do on race day? Tell me in the comments below!