You got a marathon as your next race!

  • The marathon distance is 26.2 miles.
  • Marathons take a lot of training and a several hours of running.
  • Marathons are a very rewarding race and oftentimes a check off the bucket list. 
  • You need to know your pace and abilities to run a marathon.
  • You should learn your body and understand good vrs bad pain before running a marathon.
  • Check the course map on a marathon race before signing up; your training should reflect the type of course (downhill, uphill, elevation, heat, etc.)
  • There are some gorgeous marathons available in Utah.

get a coach to help you train for your marathon!

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A coach can help you:

  • Learn your marathon pace.
  • Understand good vrs bad pain.
  • Learn proper nutrition for a marathon distance.
  • Offer racing strategies & what to bring on the course.
  • Offer first hand training techniques.
  • Help you choose a race.
  • Teach you cross training options.
  • and more.
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