Product Review: Flip Belt

Now that I frequently run by myself I have discovered that music really helps me go the extra mile. I think without some kind of musical distraction I would give up around mile 3….

So as I’m sure you can understand it was sad day when my ipod armband began to tear and rub on my arm so bad it gave me sores, yeah, not putting that thing back on again. I was in the market for a new armband so that I could once again run with my jams, the conundrum was which kind of armband to attempt this time. I have an ipod nano (an older, larger version than these new minuscule ones), but I also have a large android smartphone, so do I go with the phone armband or the ipod armband?

That’s when I discovered the Flip Belt! The most genius idea anyone could have come up with, I mean this creator had to have been a runner themselves because this belt is PERFECT.
The material of this belt is much like the top of yoga pants, there are no buckles, or velcro, or anything that could cause chafing at all. You simple step into it and pull it up around your middle like you would a pair of paints.
Flip Belt Lime Green
The inside of this belt then is completely hollow and all throughout the circle are slits where you can stash anything you want! (it even has a clip on the inside to clip your keys to). Then all you have to do is flip this belt over so that the slits are against your stomach and all of your junk is completely locked in.
The best part about this gadget is that you don’t notice it at all, it’s super comfy to wear and it doesn’t move!
I highly suggest it to anyone and everyone who likes to bring an ipod, and phone, their keys, GUs, whatever with them when they go running, hiking, biking, or anything else!

Send me pictures of you and your Flip Belt! What color did you choose?