About Nicole


First up, my name’s Nicole, I am a 24 year old runner who has been running for 9 years. I am a distance runner that enjoys running trails, but find myself running roads more often during the week.

I’m kind of sarcastic, and think I’m pretty funny at times, but all in all just your average chick that got addicted to running. I enjoy testing products and giving you the honest run-down, I enjoy trying out new workouts, and look forward to pinning on every racing bib I can get my hands on!

I’m recently married to RunLikeABoy, and we’re definitely one of “those couples;” sappy, over the top, and totally in love with each other.

Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you! Comment on a post, shoot me an email, tell me about you and your running journey. If you’re interested in being one of my monthly “runner interviews” check out my interviews page!


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