7 Ways To Get Yourself To Workout In The Morning

7 Ways To Get Yourself To Workout In The Morning

Updated: 9/28/18

1. Prepare the Night Before

Get all your gear together the night before!

whether this is:

  • putting together a bag to take to the gym
  • laying out workout clothes in the bathroom
  • pulling out the earbuds, shoes, and whatever else you use in your workout and setting it next to the door
**Some people even prefer to wear their workout clothes to bed so that there is no changing required in the morning.



2. Grab A Mint

As soon as your alarm clock goes off in the morning sit up and pop a mint in your mouth.

According to some, the smell and taste of mint can invigorate you much like that of a splash of cold water. The bonus in mints is that little bit of sugar that can help stimulate your body and your brain.



3. Move the Alarm Clock

While it may be frustrating and difficult to do in the morning ; moving your body as soon as the alarm clock goes off is a really good way to wake yourself up.

Place the alarm clock far enough way from your bed that you have to get out of bed in order to turn it off. The movement will help you wake up and keep you from rolling over and hitting the snooze button.



4. Make it a Routine

For the first few days of a new routine, DON’T LET YOURSELF FAIL. If you can faithfully follow a routine for several days in a row, the task will be that much easier to continue in the future.

**This one I can attest to! The more often I follow my routine the easier it really does become to continue.



5. Remind Yourself of Your Goals

Why are you waking up early to work out? What are your goals? How will you feel when you accomplish those goals? Remind yourself of the reasons and the benefits and keep yourself on track for reaching those goals you’ve set.

If this requires a list of reasons by your bedside to remind you when the alarm clock goes off, then do it.



6. Find a Buddy

  • Find a friend
  • Join a workout group
  • Set goals and a report date with someone

Waking up to an alarm and relying on yourself to stay motivated to work out every morning can get tricky; but when you know someone is waiting outside for you, or you know you have to report your behaviors to someone, there is an extra incentive to stay on task and get up and going.

**I personally love running buddies! Especially during the winter months when its freezing cold outside and your bed it toasty warm. Not only are they great for giving you the initial push to get out of bed, but they make the time pass quickly during the run too. With a running buddy, the whole process is just that much easier and more enjoyable.



7. Understand the Benefits

There are many benefits to waking up early and working out first thing!

  • Give the metabolism a jump start to the day.
  • Wake up the brain and help it stay more acute throughout the day.
  • Provide a sense of accomplishment and mentality to take on the rest of the day.
  • Set a routine that helps for future wake ups (the body actually starts to prepare to wake up and exercise long before your eyes open), it helps keep regular hormone levels, and regulate the body.
  • Ensure a workout gets done and life doesn’t take over and bog down your fitness goals and opportunities.
  • Brighten your mood and prepare for a positive outlook on the day.



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