43 Popular Running Routes in Utah

43 Popular Running Routes in Utah

What Are the Top Running Cities in Utah?

According to the Strava and Garmin heat maps the most popular running areas in the state of Utah are:

Using the garmin popularity map I’ve pulled several trails that are popular in each of these areas.

Have you run any of these routes or trails?

Salt Lake City Running Popularity Heat Map

Salt Lake City is a largely populated area of the state. Even still, running in Salt Lake City can be beautiful. The city has many beautiful parks and canyons to run through, as well as several historical sites within the city that are also popular areas for taking a run through town.

Parks Run

Approximately 9.5 Miles

Liberty Park Run

Approximately 3 Miles

Old House Loop

Approximately 3 Miles

City Creek

Approximately 6 Miles

Salt Lake City Marathon Route

Approximately 26 Miles

Emigration Canyon

Approximately 8-15 Miles

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Approximately 8+ Miles

Park City is a big skiing town with ski hills and cross country trails all throughout. The great thing about this winter hub, is that during the summer season, those trails make for great running paths. There are many trail races and opportunities within the Park City Area all throughout the warm months.

Park City Loop

Approximately 15 Miles

Glenwild Loop

Approximately 4.5 Miles

Loop Around the Outlets

Approximately 5 Miles

Park City Trail Series 10K

Approximately 6 Miles

Jupiter Peak

Approximately 15 Miles

Ogden Running Heat Map

Layton and Ogden cities both butt up to a mountainous region that provides amazing running trails with beautiful views. There are less college students in the area than other cities like Salt Lake and Provo, which means you’ll likely find runners that have been running for years.

Mountain Road Run

Approximately 6.5 Miles

Ultimate Challenge Route

Approximately 114 Miles

Xterra Nationals Route

Approximately 5.5 Miles

Lewis Peak Trail

Approximately 10.5 Miles

Ben Lomond Trail

Approximately 13+ Miles

Logan, Utah Running Heat Map

Logan is a northern city in Utah that is really close to the neighboring state of Idaho. The city itself is more rural that many other cities in the Utah Valley, there are beautiful farmlands with horses and gorgeous views. The mountain area provides for a beautiful canyon full of running trails.


Approximately 3 Miles

Lotoja Running route


Approximately 203 Miles

Crimson Trail

Approximately 4 Miles

Marketplace Running Circle

Marketplace Circle

Approximately 8 Miles

Provo Running Heatmap

Provo is home to the popular Brigham Young University where students run for exercise and stress release on a regular basis. It’s considered one of the “fittest” cities in the US, which means you are likely to run into several other runners while you’re out. There are many paved trails that follow the provo river trail as well as dirt trails that go up the 2 canyons in the area.

Temple Run

Approximately 4 Miles

Y Mountain Loop

Approximately 7-8 Miles

Rock Canyon Trail

Approximately 3+ Miles

South Provo River Trail

Approximately 6+ Miles

Bridal Veil Falls

Approximately 8 Miles

Alpine Loop

Approximately 40 Miles

Cascadia Trail Series

Approximately 8 Miles

Bonneville Shoreline Loop

Approximately 5 Miles

Timpanogos Trail

Approximately 13 Miles

Porter Rockwell Trail

Approximately 5.5 Miles

St. George running Heat Map

St. George is in Southern Utah where the weather stays much warmer than other parts of the state. There is a well known marathon that goes through the city (St. George Marathon) as well as a very active running community.

Zion National Park is also very close to the city of St. George and is a very popular running/hiking park with relays, marathons, and even ultra marathons that go through the beautiful park.

Snow Canyon Loop

Approximately 20 Miles

St.George Marathon Route

Approximately 26 Miles

Virgin River Trail

Approximately 8 Miles

Bloomington Loop

Approximately 4 Miles

Ironmn St. George Marathon Course

Approximately 26 Miles

Zion Traverse

Approximately 48 Miles

Zion Observation Point

Approximately 7 Miles

Moab Running Heat Map

Moab is a big biking city, but those same trails are available to runners as well. There are several races that go through the Moab area, as well as Arches National Park.

Moab Slickrock Trail

Approximately 9 Miles

Porcupine Rim Loop

Approximately 34 Miles

Moab Trail Marathon

Approximately 25 Miles

Arches Loop

Approximately 26 Miles

Dead Horse

Approximately 45 Miles

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