4 Unique Ways to Plan Your Workouts

4 Unique Ways to Plan Your Workouts

We all do that Sunday night recap moment right? What exercise was I able to accomplish this week? What should I do next week? But if you’re anything like me….keeping it all in your head is just not enough to remember what exactly you were planning on doing each day. And as we all know, a lot of workouts build on top of each other, so it is important to plan for them and do them in order.


How to Plan & Organize Your Workouts

These are a few different ways I’ve attempted to plan and organize my own workouts. Hopefully a few of these help you, or at least spark a new idea for you to try. If you try something that is not on my list, tell us in the comments!


I’m an excel junky…I have a very analytical brain so it just makes sense for me! Try making a chart with the day of the week across the top (X axis) and each specific date across the side (Y axis). Then fill out the chart according to what you’d like to do each day. This is a great way to plan a whole month at a time too if that is something you like to do. You can even add an extra row below each week to add in specifics like pace, specifics of a track workout, or even a “how did I feel” recap section.

excel spreadsheet for workout planning



Bullet Journal

These journals are all the craze right now. They make for a beautiful way to keep track of ALL kinds of things! Including your workouts. So take a look at Pinterest and find a design you like for keeping track of your workouts and start creating your bullet journal. You can even sit down and create your own unique design! Be sure to share it with us in the comments below if you do.

bullet journal ideas from pinterest


A Planner

Use an everyday planner and turn it into your workout planner instead. Fill in your workout goals each week and then just keep it next to your nightstand so that you can look at it each morning and know exactly what you’re going to do.

happy planner for planning workouts


Google Calendar

Along similar lines as the physical planner is an online calendar (I prefer Google Calendars). This idea works well for those that like to have their plan with them at all times; with just a quick glance at your phone’s calendar you can see all your upcoming workouts.

google calendar


What do you think? Did you find one that might help you?


Do you do something different? Tell us in the comments!